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Every Snap - Johnson II, McDonald, Izzy, Becton, Tippmann

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I don't like reusing old nicknames so I'm staying away from Sack Exchange 2.0 but the first thing that comes to mind when watching JJ clearly elevate his game from his rookie year, McDonald hitting the ground running, Huff, Lawson and Quinnen is a Pressure Cooker!  

That's exactly what this DLine is going to do.  It's going to put opposing QBs in a pressure cooker.


Pressure Cooker Dilruk Jayasinha GIF by MasterChefAU


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On 8/13/2023 at 9:00 AM, JiF said:

Thanks for posting, fun to watch them iso'd.  After reviewing, again, there is nothing to really take from this but for fun:

 Becton looks fine.  Not sure what's going on there but he looks ready to play.  The inside move he got beat on, looked somewhat like a miscommunication, otherwise, another solid outing.

Will McDonald reminds me of the freak, Javon Kearse, big dudes who just shouldnt be able to move like that, I thnk Kearse played w/ a little more weight but very similar freakish pursuit characteristics.  He's got a lot going to build on.

Jermaine Johnson reminds of Robert Quinn.  A little undersized but strong AF w/ a quick first step.  Very good hands game.  Looks like a handful to deal w/ for sure.


I thought Becton looked very good, aside from the miscommunication sack.

With him, it's just a matter of, Is the knee healthy, and his endurance up to play 60+ plays a game.

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