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Jets/Bucs only having 1 joint practice this week.

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Dennis Waszak Jr.


Change to the schedule this week: #Jets’ joint practice with the Buccaneers will be only Wednesday (instead of Wed & Thurs)

The teams will work separately on Thursday leading up to their preseason game Saturday night.

8/14/23, 11:36 AM


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6 minutes ago, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

The entire NFL is coming around to the McVay theory that the most important thing in the preseason is to avoid injuries.  Joint practices and preseason games are a risk that coaches don't seem to be willing to take.  

You must of missed the panthers game where Saleh had starters playing 

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2 hours ago, Chewy and the Jets said:

I think its reasonable to speculate the Bucs checked with Carolina and were told you don't want to be going against that D Line more than 1 day.  At least that's what I like to think, sure the reality is somewhat different.

The jets cancelled the practice.  Now the Bucs have to find somewhere else in jersey to practice that day.

Seems like a dick thing to do by the Jets, no?

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