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Zeke to Pats

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Not what he used to be, but I believe he was one of the best RBs at the goal line last season. Belicheck loves his goal line guys. This is actually a pretty good fit. This doesn't change things that much for them but they'll likely be able to finish a couple more drives this year.

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8 hours ago, IndianaJet said:




Emerging from the tunnel with that fat belly spilling over his tight pants, fully busted out under his rolled up jersey, would’ve been enough even without the “keep feeding me” hand motion. 

I feel like this is a routine was done by Farley or Belushi back in the day, or a combination character like Matt Foley gets extra energy for his motivational speaking race by eating little chocolate donuts for breakfast.

Ok maybe not. Anyway lmao. 

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15 hours ago, neckdemon said:

rhamondre stevenson is better so whatever

He is.

Zeke is there to spell Rhamondre.  Plus, while his best days are behind him, he was effective in short yardage situations last year.  Granted, the New England OL is not Dallas'.  

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