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4 minutes ago, Butterfield said:

This defense has the talent to be all time good.  

They will have a sterner test this year, for sure. Opponents will not be able to crawl into conservative ball control in the 2nd halves like last year. The upside is that I expect the Jets D to substantially improve in creating turnovers, although they will probably have more yards and points-against.

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3 minutes ago, jbt said:

if we can ever figure out how to defend RBs and TEs this could be an all time defense

This is a good point...but I think we are good enough up front to get pressure with 4...so we should be able to throw 7 into coverage, which should help.  But your point is well taken, hopefully the LB's and safety's can cover opposing TE's and RB's...at least long enough for us to generate that pressure on the QB

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Let's break this record!

The Chicago Bears set a single-season record for most sacks that still stands today; they had 72 sacks during the 1984 season.

Go Do It GIF by Adult Swim

(I know, I know, the NFL have become emancipated throughout the years, overprotecting and pussifying the QBs).

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I’ll believe it when I see it.  I remember the hype around Wilkerson, Richardson, Coples, Williams.

First round pedigrees, mostly good players and some good years but things never came close to the hype.

A few things that might make this DLIne different:

1. Diversity of talent:  we can simply beat you in so many different ways and I hope to see Saleh/Ulbrich show flexibility on snap counts.  If an OT is solid against power and technique, then unleash McDonald who can beat him on quickness & bend.  And vice versa .. 

2. Wave after wave of unrelenting pursuit:  our DNA is guys with high motors.  Add in fresh legs and talent, and it’s a recipe for sacks

3. Where’s the pocket?  we are strong on the Edges & in the middle.  We’ve seen our own pocket collapse, it should be fun to watch others’

4. Elite CBs:  often the difference between sacks vs. pressures 

5. Playing w/ some leads:  pin your ears back boys 

I do worry about our LBs (less so about our safeties) and their ability to cover TEs and RBs.  That’s going to be the opponents strategy to beat us and keep us off balance.  Meaning guys like Mosley, Quincy & Sherwood are going to have a big say in the # of our sacks.

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