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#Dolphins LT Terron Armstead was carted off practice field with an apparent leg injury, per @DanielOyefusi


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Funny how people on their respective fans site will be going woe is us but come game day there will be another guy who will perform pretty well.  Sure lt is an important position but just about any single player can either be replaced or covered up for.  That’s why I think it’s important to consider the guys that play next to any particular line man when looking at his performance. Case in point is when the Carolina right end seemingly ran right past becton for an early sack. Could be the blocking scheme wasn’t right or becton moved to help the left guard as opposed to completely whiffing his block.

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18 minutes ago, carlito1171 said:

Injuries are the worst part of sports. 

Don’t wish them on anyone not even my rivals 

Yep. If there was one thing (in sports) I could erase forever with a magic wand, it would be injuries. And football just has so many of them. 


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7 minutes ago, Facts said:

It's really that hard to understand?

Stinks the guy got hurt but happy that it makes the Dolphins less competitive. 

Ummm, yeah it is that hard to understand. Stoked for the Dolphins kinda implies something different than what you are saying.

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Ian Rapoport ⁦‪@RapSheet‬⁩

Good news for #Dolphins OT Terron Armstead, who was carted off today with a lower leg injury: I'm told no surgery is necessary and he'll work to be ready for Week 1. Considering the various options, this is solid.

8/17/23, 6:53 PM



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3 hours ago, kevinc855 said:

Dolphins seem like headed to a boom or bust season. 

I can really see them as the big disappointment team this year. They have talent but there's something missing with that team. The moment Tua goes down, they are done. 

Tough way to live...

I think beefalo is going to be the big letdown their year.  Jets win AFC East.  

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