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The Jets QB in 2027 is....


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5 hours ago, Paradis said:

Comically, we're actually the only team who can't take Zach's brother. Political kryptonite - call it what you want, but he's off limits


Counterpoint: it’d be hysterical if we drafted him in the sixth round and he easily beats out Zach for the QB4 spot as a rookie. 

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If you asked JD this question and he gave an honest answer it would be Zach. I truly believe, and importantly I think Rodgers believes that Zach will grow and take over when he retires or is injured. I actually expect Rodgers to not make the entire season and Zach to wind up starting a few games this year. I hope not but I am not convinced that Rodgers will rebound and 39 year old bodies in the NFL are more like a decade older than 2 years older than a 37 year old.  Testosterone and HGH levels start to decline at Rodgers age. 

That is certainly an impressive game though

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