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Lendale White taking a beating


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NFL | L. White being compared to Clarett

Mon, 3 Apr 2006 18:35:14 -0700

Jason Cole, writing for NBCSports.com, reports USC RB LenDale White is being mentioned in the same company as free agent RB Maurice Clarett. An NFL exeutive said, "We had one of our scouts go up and ask him what was going on (after White didn't run). The kid said his hamstring was tight or something like that. Then we tried to find out when he was going to run and he didn't know. It didn't even sound like he was going to run. What does this kid think?" A former USC offensive player who once was a teammate of White's said, "The guy can play, but he just gets by. He coasted in practice and he coasted in the offseason. He came in thinking he just had to put in his time and that's what you see now." The teammate added that the things White was able to do was because he played next to RB Reggie Bush and the other guys around him. He added that White would be amazing if he really worked at it.

NFL | L. White trying to keep covered

Mon, 3 Apr 2006 18:34:44 -0700

Jason Cole, writing for NBCSports.com, reports USC RB LenDale White wore a loose-fitting warm-up suit during his Pro Day in an effort to not show much of his body. He drew audible groans from NFL scouts at the NFL Combine when he showed his chest. After seeing White at the NFL Combine, one NFL general manager said, "The guy needed a bra, it was ridiculous. You come to the combine looking like that and you want to be a first-round pick? Come on. The guy had obviously been doing nothing."

I was so high on this kid coming off the bowl game, but now I wouldn't touch him until the 4th Round, and maybe not even then. I guess he thought he was done working after the bowl and decided to take the rest of the year off. He better show something soon or he is going to free fall so fast he may not ever stop.

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