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I'm Still Not Sold On Zach Wilson

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Just now, Hal said:

Or ask your own OLine not to suck.   That works too.  

The fact he’s a top 5 Qb when not pressured was ignored huh? 

Starting to look more and more like an elite QB in development. 

Even elite OLs allow pressure from time to time my man.  Part of the cards a QB is dealt in this league.  

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That sounds like the entire story with Zach,  Can’t discount the fact that there have been few better (so far..in his early career)..when he’s not pressured. 

unfortunately ..we can expect he’ll have pressure tomorrow..and one can’t deny that’s when he crumbles.

not a favorable matchup 

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I don’t see us beating the Cowgirls if the Giants game is any indication of what we should expect from that defense.
Yet, how Zack handles his business in this game will go a long way to determine what we can expect from the season. There should be no doubt that defenses will stack the box against us and dare Zack to throw on them.
Now there should be many opportunities to move the ball, if, and that’s a big If, Zack has truly grown and developed as a FQB.
I am willing to withhold judgment for the next two games to allow him to get his feet under him. Yet, if we begin to see the deer in the headlights, the missing wide open receivers, making stupid throws; well I hope this coaching staff is smart enough to get the hook out early.

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