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Tony Adams getting the love


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4 hours ago, Beerfish said:

This dude better be a ball hawk, we are treating him like 10 year vet, has he even played more than a few snaps in the ex season?

In any case he will get a lot of action in the reg season.  He and Whitehead have to be good along with our LB's becasue the smart teams will be attacking them all day long and avoid our Dline pressure and CBs

Not if we are playing with a lead, which is pretty likely with Rogers slinging the rock.

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56 minutes ago, k-met57 said:

so for some reason i do not remember watching the last 2 games last year and being like holy sh*t Tony Adams. am i alone?

i hope he is amazing, but its all a little weird with him not playing in the preseason much and now getting on a national show.

Well were your all upset by the 180 and 150 yards passing the Jets gave up in those games?  Geno went for 2 TDs, but those were not exactly the aerial attacks that expose a rookie safety.  It was tough to tell anything in those two games playing teams that knew that 10 points wins the game.  Hell, 7 would have done it. 

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