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What record is needed to win the AFC East?

How many wins takes the AFCE?  

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  1. 1. What will the record of the team who wins the AFC East be?

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This is less about the Jets specifically and more about the division -- Jets, Pats, Bills and Fins.

The general consensus is that this division will be a meat-grinder this year. Not only are all four teams expected to be somewhere between competent and very good but the division plays the NFC East (easily the best division in the NFC featuring the Eagles, the defending NFC Champs) and the AFC West (another very strong division featuring the Super Bowl champ Chiefs.)

With that in mind -- how many wins will be needed to win the division? I.e. would a 13-4 season be a lock to win? 12-5? Or could you see a close division race where 10-7 or even 9-8 on tiebreakers gets the job done?

For reference, here are the records of the AFC East Champ for the last several years:

2022: 13-3

2021: 11-6

2020: 13-3

2019: 12-4

2018: 11-5

2017: 13-3

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Division record & finish prediction: 

1st - Jets ... 5-1 div record / this year we execute on what we only showed flashes of last year

2nd - Bills ... 3-3 div / largely overrated, we crush in opener

3rd - Pats ... 3-3 / middling football team, zero magic at QB 

4th - Dolphins 1-5 / dumpster fire, already stinky.


You may rely on this information. 

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12-5 would be the absolute minimum, but could certainly vary depending on whether those 5 losses were coming from in the division or outside of it.  Too many in-division losses can easily push that # up another win or two.  On the other hand, if sweeping the division then that gives the tiebreaker advantage which would be of help in the total wins needed.

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