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Green Bay bar offers free drinks when Jets lose


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7 hours ago, Sammybighead said:

Never thought there could ever be a more irritating organization/fanbase than the pats but GB is giving them a run for their money

How so? Did the GB fans accept cheating by the HC ? Are they bandwagon fans? Are the seats empty when its cold or there is a losing record? Do they defend a douche bag owner? Have any of their players been murderers?

Please explain what makes you compare them to the ilk of the NEP

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This how a GB fan says they know they Jets are gonna be really good without saying it.

Keep in mind it does say that it doesn't apply when the Jets and GB play at the same time. BUT we only play the same time as them Week 8 against NYG, Week 15 against MIA, Week 16 against WAS,

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I used to like Green Bay fans and appreciated their passion and dedication and now I find them to be the most ungrateful, bitter, spiteful bunch of cheesy dweebs on the planet.

The hilarity I find behind this, is they're not giving away drinks when GB wins because they know, they suck and made a huge downgrade at QB. Meanwhile, they clearly anticipate the Jets winning a lot of games.

Then again, maybe they dont care either way because its' Green Bay and a busy day for them is 5 customers and the cat who begs for cheese and milk at the back door at night.

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I mean, they want a good draft pick. If that's what this is instead of just wanting to see Rodgers fail, then there's nothing wrong with it to me. We were rooting pretty hard against Seattle back in 2020 and 2021. I guess coming out and having a "let's watch the Seahawks suck together!" night would have been a bit much, but it's whatever. Would be funny though if the Jets don't lose a game now.

I will say though that most Green Bay fans I've come across online seem to wish Rodgers nothing but the best. Some even want to see him win another one.

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