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NY Jets Roster Set at 53; More Changes Coming

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Thomas Morstead - Thomas Hennessy

The team announced the necessary moves, so the NY Jets Roster now sits at 53 players. Cut-down day used to be days, but now it happens all at once, so there was a flurry of moves. The full list of moves appears below, and it is worth mentioning that teams are rarely 100% set immediately. Nick Bawden (FB) and Thomas Morstead (P) were both released. Since they are veterans, they aren’t subject to waivers. They become free agents immediately, and it is expected that they will sign back with the team once additional roster spots open up (trades, I.R. moves).

Player Pos Exp How Acq Transaction
Tim Boyle QB 5 FA-23 Released
Nick Bawden FB 6 FA-21 Released
Travis Dye RB R UDFA-23 Waived
Zonovan Knight RB 2 UDFA-22 Waived
Alex Erickson WR 3 FA-23 Released
Jerome Kapp WR R UDFA-23 Waived
TJ Luther WR R UDFA-23 Waived
Malik Taylor WR 2 FA-22 Released
E.J. Jenkins TE R UDFA-23 Waived
Zack Kuntz TE R D7-23 Waived
Trystan Colon C 3 FA-23 Waived
Chris Glaser OL 1 FA-22 Waived
Grant Hermanns OL 2 W-23(TB) Waived
Brent Laing OL R UDFA-23 Waived
Adam Pankey OL 4 FA-22 Released
Greg Senat OL 4 W-IND(21) Released (Mon)
Deslin Alexandre DL R UDFA-23 Waived
Bruce Hector DL 5 FA-23 Released
Jalyn Holmes DL 5 FA-23 Released
Tanzel Smart DL 4 FA-20 Released
Marquiss Spencer DL 1 FA-22 Waived
Pita Taumeopenu DL 6 FA-23 Released (Mon)
Claudin Cherelus LB R UDFA-23 Waived
Samuel Eguavoen LB 5 FA-23 Released
Caleb Johnson LB R UDFA-23 Waived
Nick Vigil LB 7 FA-23 Released (Mon)
Jarrick Bernard-Converse S R D6b-23 Reserve/PUP
Trey Dean S R UDFA-23 Waived
Brandin Echols CB 3 D6b-21 NFL Suspension
Craig James S 3 FA-22 Released
Derrick Langford CB R UDFA-23 Waived
Nehemiah Shelton CB R FA-23 Waived
Marquis Waters S R UDFA-23 Waived
Jimmy Moreland CB 4 FA-22 IR (Mon)
Thomas Morstead P 14 FA-23 Released

You didn’t think the Jets would go into the season without a punter did you? The offense should be greatly improved, but that is a stretch. Thomas Morstead told Jets fans to relax. A sure sign that he will be back on the roster soon.


— Thomas Morstead (@thomasmorstead) August 29, 2023

Waiver Claims

The Jets hold the fifteenth slot in the waiver-wire priority and will hold that spot until after Week 3 of the regular season. At that point, the priority will match the NFL standings instead of the 2023 draft order. The end of the claim period is Wednesday at 12 p.m. ET. After that, teams can sign players to their practice squad.

Practice Squad

Practice squads will once again be 16 players. Ten of the 16 players must have no more than two accrued seasons and the other six don’t have any limitations. Teams are allowed to promote two players from their practice squad on gameday and each player called up will revert back to the PS. Teams can do that with a specific player up to three times. Practice squad players cannot sign with another team’s practice squad but are free to sign with another team’s 53-man roster at any time unless they are one of their team’s protected players. Teams decide on four protected players weekly.


Players that are on PUP or NFI don’t count towards the 53-man roster. They’re eligible to return to action after the team’s fourth game. Players placed on IR before the cut to 53 are ineligible to return during the regular season. If a player is placed on injured reserve after the roster cuts and during the regular season, they are required to miss four weeks, which is a change from last season (three weeks).

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