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"This is about strip clubs, this isn't about championships" - Media dropping bombs on Stefon Diggs


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Jason Whitlock: The Real Reason Stefon Diggs Wants Out of Buffalo (msn.com)


Whitlock piling on to what SAS says.  No idea if any of it's true, but it's pretty brutal if they are making it up.  Not a good look for BUF.

Jason Whitlock: “I said it a month or two ago, Stefon Diggs does not want to be in Buffalo. It’s cold up there, his brother plays in Dallas, he wants to be in a better city than Buffalo, and he’s painting this picture ‘OUR SUPER BOWL WINDOW IS CLOSING! JOSH ALLEN NEEDS TO DO THIS!’ He’s painting a picture for him to get out of Buffalo and to get to a city with better strip clubs. I said it a month ago and I’ll say it again—this is about strip clubs, it ain’t about championships. He doesn't care about being a pro, he doesn’t care about winning a championship, he wants to be in a better city. Go look at the teams in that division. Miami Dolphins; he would rather be in Miami. The New England Patriots; he’d rather be in Boston. The New York Jets; he’d rather be in NYC. He’s stuck up in Buffalo, it’s cold there, and I’m just telling you what I know and what I believe—with these young guys and all this discretionary income, and his brother in the NFL, he wants to be in a city where it’s easier to pop bottles, he wants to be somewhere where it’s easier to fly in the Instagram models and that’s what this is about. This has nothing to do with winning, this has nothing to do with dissatisfaction of Josh Allen. He’s going to put all the pressure on Josh Allen and the media is going to eat it up because Josh Allen doesn’t have the complexion for the connection. It’s unfair what Stefon Diggs is about to do to Josh Allen. I don’t know this, it’s just speculation, I wouldn’t be surprised if Stefon Diggs isn’t Stephen A. Smith’s source on this. He won’t complain if he gets to Dallas. If he played in Dallas with Dak Prescott and his numbers went down, he’d be very happy with the strip club scene in Dallas and kicking it with his brother. These young guys and discretionary money, if he can get to Florida and hang out at King of Diamonds' and Tootsie’s, he would be in heaven, and he couldn’t care less if Tua Tagovailoa and the Dolphins ever win a game.”


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This is so stupid.

He can be in other cities 30 weeks out of the year or however long the offseason is.

He has more than enough money to have strippers flown to his house in Buffalo if he wants.

Anyways, he’d be an idiot if this is the real reason, but when you have money you can sort of do whatever you want.

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1 hour ago, Joe Jets fan said:

Strip clubs in Niagara Falls, Canada side are the best anywhere.   If you know you know.  

 Last time i was there was to catch the god awful week 17 match up vs BUF, Darnold's last game... and man, i had the most epic of nights at the sundowner. I should have been arrested 13 times. 

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