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Manning Cast Auditions

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Hysterical - 

appearing are: Here is the full list of who appears in the ManningCast video: Jared Goff; Jamaar Chase (no lines); TJ Hockenson; Sean McVay; Trevor Lawrence; Justin Tucker; Justin Jefferson; Dan Campbell; Dalvin Cook; Mike McDaniel; Archie Manning; Patrick Mahomes; Cam Heyward; Frank Reich; Al Michaels; Kyle Brandt; Tom Brady; Nick Sirianni; Reese Witherspoon; Will Arnett; Sarah Silverman; Lil Wayne; Pat McAfee; Mike Tyson; Kirk Cousins; Kenan Thompson; Jim Irsay; Roger Goodell; Howie Mandel; Stephen A Smith; Livvy Dunne; Ray Lewis; Sean Payton; Christian McCaffrey; and DJ Khaled.


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4 hours ago, T0mShane said:

I’ve been doing a lot of work on my broadcasting skills and antisocial personality disorder. 

Good for you. It’s a doggie dog world out here. 
P.S.  The following content is highly controversial. Do not hit play if easily offended. 
But, thinking of @T0mShane here to toughen him up and assist his broadcasting career. 


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