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Quinnen Williams Defensive Player of the Year? Other NFL Thoughts


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Quinnen Williams

Some New York Jets thoughts on Quinnen Williams and updates from around the NFL.

  • Hard Knocks was fun. I wish there was more about the new guys who were fighting to make the team. Too much Rodgers and not enough undrafted free agent / late-round pick type stuff. Still, it was fun.
  • Looking for surprises this season? The Titans window of opportunity is not closed just yet. Tennessee has been largely overlooked by everyone trying to predict anything for this year. The Titans still have a very capable Derrick Henry, and I think DeAndre Hopkins has another almost DeAndre-Hopkins-type season in him. Tennessee plays in the right division to make a playoff run. Vegas has their wins total at 7.5. I think they easily surpass that.
  • Need a surprise on the NFC side? Take Tampa Bay. I know…Brady retired. Whatever. Baker Mayfield was horrible in Carolina, but who isn’t? He didn’t do half bad for the Rams and he must know this is his last realistic shot at being a starter in this league. He has the best set of receivers he has had since he was drafted number one overall, and I think he can be a top fifteen quarterback in the right system. Like Tennessee, this is a team that benefits from playing in the South division of its conference. I am not saying Super Bowl, but Vegas has their over/under at 6.5. The Bucs are a lock for the over.
  • Word out of Kansas City is that Travis Kelce’s knee injury is not serious. If that’s overly optimistic, or if he experiences a setback, it will shift the balance of power in the AFC.
  • I don’t think I have ever rooted for failure for an NFL team based on their head coach’s off-season behavior before, but Sean Payton has gotten me there.
  • Garrett Wilson is not being drafted early enough in fantasy football. Ditto Dalvin Cook.
  • Remember when we couldn’t have a college football playoff because of all the storied traditions it would destroy? I guess the new tradition of SMU playing UCLA will help fix all that.
  • The Washington Redskins are going to be a problem for people this season, so are the Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • Garrett Wilson is open.
  • San Francisco vs Philadelphia is the most forgone conclusion to the NFC Championship Game ever.
  • I think we escaped the 2023 pre-season with fewer major injuries across the league than I can ever remember. It should be reviewed in terms of what was different and repeated.
  • I am very interested to see how Breece Hall looks. Ditto Mekhi Becton.
  • Quinnen Williams will be the defensive player of the year in 2023. Mark it down.
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