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Week 1 Monday Night Score Prediction vs. Bills

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Final score

NY Jets 24 - Bills - 17


Rodgers - 25/33 268 yds 2 TD/1 INT

G. Wilson 7/9 95yds 1 TD

Lazard 4/5 48 yds/1TD

TE combined 70 yds 

Rushing: 110 yds combined/ 1 rushing TD (Cook)


5 sacks combined (JJ, QW, McDonald (2), Huff) 

1 INT (Reed) 

Offensive Line

3 sacks allowed/5 penalties 

Special teams

FG: 1/2 3pts

1 Blocked FG

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On 9/9/2023 at 3:19 PM, Gangrene said:

Bills 23

Jets 20


Turnover, a deflected pass bouncing off the hands of Allen Lazard puts the Bills in a position for a game winning field goal as the clock winds down.

Mods have to ban five posters  by the end of day Tuesday as the existential crisis of being a Jets fan, once more takes human form. A spate of new suspect trolling accounts are registered on Jet Nation.

Finally, someone who hasn't completely drank to Kool Aid LOL. I am hopeful to see good football from the Jets, and know we can win, but Buffalo is awesome. Secondary is unforgiving. And I hope slow ass LBs like Old Man Mosely don't hurt us tonight.

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On 9/10/2023 at 1:07 AM, Hex said:

I don't think you guys understand Week 1 dynamics, especially with Aaron Rodgers. Even if the Jets win, it won't be a beatdown. Rodgers hasn't played in this offense against people who aren't working for the postal service now.

Bills 27 Jets 24

The Jets will have a successful season, but will come up short to start the year.

You may be right, but just realize you're predicting a worse result than ZW got last year . . .

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Just now, OCCH23 said:

True but it's week 1 for them too, and they didn't exactly end last year on a good note.

And we should've swept them last year, so I don't think any regression needs to be assumed . . .

It's not necessarily regression, more that week one is all over the place. I think the continuity of the Bills' roster might give them an upper hand even if the Jets roster is much better.

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