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Partially on JD


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2 minutes ago, LockeJET said:

For not having a legit back up QB. Zach looks improved right? What a joke!! if you really wanted a true reset, he should’ve never been awarded the #2 QB spot. 

ALL on JD. For the backup point you make, for drafting Wilson in first place. And failing to put a competent OL on the field. He had FIVE years, that was suppose to be his specialty.. 

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How is it "partially" JDs fault?

He's the OL guru. He has made 1 good move on the OL (AVT) in 3 years. The moves have been so bad, that in a year where he decided to acquire a 40-yo QB, he was so committed to his errors that he couldn't protect him.

Add that to drafting 1 full draft of busts + a #2 pick QB bust and I think you can fairly say this is ALL on JD.

He keeps letting his idiot HC talk him into drafting role players at the edge position in the first round, and here we are... JD has added 2 offensive players worth a damn in 3 years.

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