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New Jets Season Ticket Holders


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8 minutes ago, Mogglez said:

For me, it’s never about one year and it’s not just about seeing the team play live.  My father, @Jet Nut, was a season ticket holder for decades.  I grew up going to games all the way until his second bout with cancer ripped that tradition away from us.  Through all the down times in our lives, God blessed us with those years of spending time together, father and son, every week through the late summer/fall/winter.  I wouldn’t trade those years or memories for anything in the world.  I’m even further blessed to have him by my side for 3 games this year.  Only this time, the tickets are in my name.

Fast forward to tonight: I attended the game with the woman that I love more than anything on this earth, who I plan on spending the rest of my life with, who was the person who actually talked me into getting the tickets, despite the fact that we’re in the process of planning a wedding, despite the fact that football is more of “my thing”, because she knows I can afford it and she knows how much the Jets mean to me.

As dejecting as losing Aaron in 4 plays was…we won.  Now tonight will go down in a long list of unforgettable memories we will make together and, eventually, as a family.  

I have zero regrets and will attend every single game that I physically can, regardless of the teams success or who is under center.

Go Jets.


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4 minutes ago, Facts said:


I can’t help it, lol.

I found everything I wanted in life and tonight, regardless of the rollercoaster of emotions that I felt because of what happened on the field, brought back a lot of heartfelt memories.  I missed experiencing what I did today.

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