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OK Hear me out…


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First, this sucks and there is no sugar coating it.

That said…

I’m not panicking.

I believe in JD, Saleh, and this coaching staff.

They’ve put together an awesome collection of players…

plus, we will keep our first round pick this season…that’s cool.

We are 1-0, and the team played their asses off…keep working hard guys…

I’ll be rooting hard for Zach, the kid has talent. Hope with guidance and experience he improves and the team rallies around him.

I’m sure JD will be working the phones trying to figure something out to backup Zach…

Go Jets!

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It’s a journey, not a destination. I believe in this team, and have a sneaky suspicion the best is yet to come with Zach…hope he keeps working hard and improving…with A-Rod available to help…maybe he improves just enough to get us into the playoffs…we are already 1 up on the Bills LOL


 By the way, imagine being them right now..YIKES…

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Confidence is the key for Zach…can they devise a plan to build him up to the point where he’s an asset, not a liability? With this defense and running game, it truly won’t take much. Jets can win a lot of games if they can just find a way to put up 20-23 points per game…and most importantly not turn the ball over! 

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