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Brian Gutenkunst the PIG ! ! !

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Well it's Tuesday and the afterglow of the Jets walk off win is fading like a tan. The play of the Offensive Line last night was dreadful and in no small part contributed to Aaron Rodgers injury. It seems apparent from the look on Rodgers' face he knew that his injury was far more serious than a sprained ankle. He had the look on his face that comes when a player knows he is done for the season.

So what does Gutenkunst have to do with this, you ask ? It was Gutie that pushed the Jets to swap 1st Round Draft Picks so Green Bay could move up 2 spots in the Draft to draft Lukas Van Ness who in all probability would still have been on the board if they stayed at slot 15. Had the Jets Drafted at Slot 13 they would have taken Offensive Tackle Broderick Jones. Would this have changed the course of events Monday Night, who knows, but we do know that Will McDonald did nothing for the play of the Jets Offensive Line.

But there is a measure of justice the Jets will extract from Gutenkunst and the Packers for this calamity. The Draft Pick Awarded to the Packers in the 2024 Draft is based upon the percentage of snaps Aaron Rodgers plays in 2023. If it's 66% Green Bay gets the Jets 1st Round Draft Pick, below that and it's the Jets 2nd Round Pick. Well the odds of Rodgers sustaining only a minor ankle sprain is pretty grim. Evening a moderate injury like a High Ankle sprain should keep Rodgers out for 4 to 8 Weeks. The turn over point is at about 5 weeks so if Rodgers can't return to the field by the Bye Week then it makes sense for the Jets to keep Rodgers out for the extra game just to recoup the 1st Round Pick.

As to people calling for Zach Wilson's head. He played a lot better than Aaron Rodgers he actually stayed on the field. Rodgers didn't  make it 4 plays.

To Brian Gutenkunst, HEY Gutie .... see what you get for being a pig !

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