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Historical QB Adversity for this team

Big Snell

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Almost every season it seems that we get screwed  at some point by QB injuries. Think all the way back how many time in our history, (even when we're bad ), when this team has to play under the adversity of losing their QB.  :

Zach gets banged up / misses games

Mike White has great game and then gets banged up two years in a row

Darnold /Mono

McCown/ Broken hand

Fitz/ Knee and Thumb

Gino/ Broken jaw

Sanchez/ Snoopy Bowl

Favre/ Shoulder

Chad/ Good player-constantly dinged

Vinny/ We all know that one

Glenn Foley/ Lost him to injury in his first start under Parcells

Neil O'Donnell/ The mystery strain

Boomer/ always banged up and too old when healthy

O'Brien/ Probably our healthiest QB

Todd-Robinson/ Always switching due to injury

Joe/ Chronic knee


Will we ever have any luck under center ever. This is absolutely nuts. If the football gods have any sympathy, may they give us a positive outcome today.

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2 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

Chad and O'Brien were legit NFL QB's.

Nothing special - but not just "band-aids" 

With that said, your point is well taken.  Just a ******* disaster of a franchise....

O'Brein while a good not great QB was a terrible pick.  Marino was Namath with healthy knees.  He was so obviously the pick for the NY Jets that the O'Brein pick was a dissaster.

Chad was a good pick at 18.  Everyone thought SF was going to take him at 16 and they passed.   They probably thought they could get him with their early 2.  

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