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doom and gloom


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By some of these posts, you'd think we were blown out last night.  Super Bowl unlikely now, but this team is pretty stacked.  Understand the Zach naysayers, but also intrigued to see if he develops at all.  Very difficult to judge from last night's game, as there was no gameplan around him.  For as bad and shellshocked as he looked at times, he again made some wow throws, particualrly the back-shoulder to Wilson on the TD drive (not the TD itself).  O line looked shaky at times, but thought they played pretty well overall.  Hell, they rushed the ball well.  Rodgers for some reason was not getting the ball out quickly.  Those pressures were on him.  Half-glass full says that Zach faced adversity in college, but matured late... let's hope he takes a step forward.  

There are lots of great story lines on this team, even without Rodgers.  The Super Bowl was never going to be handed to us.  I still think it will be a fun season.   And Zach may surprise from time to time, even if he doesn't totally light it up.  

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