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Gipson's Punt Return


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Obviously, a great play by Gipson!

Watch the replay a couple of times.  There were some great blocks on that run.  The first was by Chazz Surratt who cut off a Bill racing Gipson to the sideline.  At around the 15 yard line, Equavoen got between Gipson and two Bills allowing Gipson to cut inside to the goal line.

Some thoughts:  Congrats to the players above (and others I didn't see on the replay).  Congrats to Grant Boyer and his Special Teams coaching.

And Congrats to JD and his personnel team.  Gipson is a UDFA, Surratt is a 2nd year player drafted and released by the Vikings last year, and Equavoen is a journeyman LB on the practice squad.  As unlikely a trio to create the game winning play as you could imagine.

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Yep Chazz had a ridiculous block 

Side note I'm really close to field last night and this guy next to me is screaming at Chazz surratt around the 2nd quarter 

Chazz! Hey Chazz! CHAZZ!!! 

Chazz finally looks 

The guy goes YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL 

Chazz laughs but you can tell he's uncomfortable with the exchange 

I found it to be hilarious but then again I'm a 90s kid who's going to hell 

I know everyone is sad and all but this is a scrappy team. Guys like Chazz, Gipson, Ruckert, Q etc

the season will still be fun 

Or at least interesting 

Frankly this is the level of Jets performance I'm comfortable with 

I was at the Vinny T game in 99  this is what I expect to happen 

That whole meet you at the super bowl stuff is a little too sunshine and rainbows for my taste. 


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