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My case for why this injury may be a longer term positive for the Jets

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As much as I was looking forward to watching Rodgers play this year, with a very good defense and some tools, I don't think this was a SB caliber team with this bad o line and an old Rodgers. 

I think it could be a playoff team, but the division is absolutely stacked and the schedule is brutal this year. 

The positive side of this is we will get our definitive answer on ZW this year. I know most of you have concluded he sucks, but like it or not the Jets organization has not. Either he is going to step up this year and look like a legit franchise QB, or we can truly move on from him.

The idea of having him sit a few years behind Rodgers puts off the inevitable extra season of judgement. We now rip the band-aid off. At the end of the year either ZW is in our future plans or hes not, its that simple. If not, and Rodgers wants to come back, fine, draft a new QB and let that QB sit behind Rodgers and learn.

Longer term, this may be a positive. Sucks ass short term

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You are right and with getting the 1st round pick back and a draft that appears loaded at QB the Jets whether or not Rogers plays in 2024 have to consider drafting one if they like him and if Zak fails to impress. It likely will be that they need to weigh out the best OT available vs. the best QB available in that round and make the tough call since we may have to address both high in the draft. But, more realistically, this team built the way it is honestly can’t wait for a rookie drafted QB to grow. So, they may have to check other options if both Rogers and Zak aren’t the QB.

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42 minutes ago, Flea Flicking Frank said:

The positive side of this is we will get our definitive answer on ZW this year.

There’s nothing positive over Aaron’s injury. 
One of the best moves management did was to pivot from Zack . Their 2 -3 Year Rodgers plan is now scrapped.

Now, they’re scrambling and holding their breath that Zack doesn’t wet the bed.


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