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Jets get BS fines, NFL is becoming a joke


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I dont agreed with any of these fines including the tripping fine and hits by Williams.

Bills get no fines for roughing hits on Zach Wilson...what a joke.


The New York Jets’ second game of the season might be on Sunday, but star linebacker Quincy Williams found a new problem on Saturday. The NFL cracked down on Williams, who was the most heavily fined player during Week 1 of the 2023 NFL season. This year, the NFL is announcing fines for on-field infractions related to player safety, according to Pro Football Talk, and Williams was twice found guilty.

CBS Sports insider Jonathan Jones first reported details of the fine on Saturday. Jones noted that Williams was hit with two unnecessary roughness fines of $13,333 each on plays where made the tackle, but was not flagged. In total, Williams received $26,666 in fines following Monday’s 22-16 win over the Buffalo Bills



The hits in question were related to Bills’ running backs Damien Harris and James Cook.


As the Jets travel to Dallas for Sunday’s primetime matchup against the Cowboys, Williams will have a few dollars less to his name. It would not be surprising if the officiating crew for Sunday’s game was watching him increasingly closely, as Monday’s referees failed to flag him for what the league deemed as two unnecessary roughness penalties.

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Jets team mates should chip in an pay for Chazz's fine. 

Morris tripped himself trying to jump over the block. 

What about the hit in back by Bills player at the goal line. Nothing said about that??

I hope there are no ticky tack penalties called today.


Originally posted on Pro Talk  |  By Suzanne Halliburton  |  Last updated 9/16/23

The 65-yard punt return for a touchdown by Jets rookie Xavier Gipson was the most dramatic moment in the NFL as it kicked off the season. But the league indicated Saturday that the play shouldn’t have counted.

The league fined Chazz Surratt for a block on Bills tight end Quintin Morris during Gipson’s score, which came with nine minutes remaining in overtime. The officials didn’t throw a flag, but days later, the league did. The NFL fined Surratt because it deemed the block as an illegal trip. It’ll cost him $4,833. If officials had flagged the play, the touchdown would’ve come off the board and the Jets would’ve been backed up to the 42.

John Parry, a former NFL referee, now works for ESPN. Moments after Gipson scored, he declared that the play should’ve been a no go for what Surratt did. Morris did trip over Surratt’s leg, but who knew if it was intentional.

“You’ve gotta put an asterisk on it because there’s a tripping call that was not made,” Parry said on the ESPN broadcast. “A trip, a leg whip, right near the 23-yard line, No. 55, which would have brought the touchdown back.”

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18 minutes ago, Green Ghost said:

Jets fans are the whiniest bunch of grown men I’ve ever come across.

The commissioner doesn’t like us

The refs hate us

The media hates us

Other teams don’t respect us

Other fans pick on us

Dawsons Creek Crying Dawson GIF by HULU

I guess you don’t know any Pats fans.

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