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Team close to spiraling..

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athletes are their own coaches and agents.  they drive the bus and social media is the limo. coaches don't have much control.  gm's have even less.

i still lol @ kyler murray.  his contract, his attitude, everything.  ariz deserves it.


nfl sports radio is a joke.  "must win".  "if they lose". it's frikken week 2


nfl has been garbage for over 20 yrs.   rules and instant reply killed it

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11 minutes ago, JoeNamathsFurCoat said:

They have a stud in Breece and an 8 million dollar hired gun in Cook and decide it best to feature JAG Michael Carter 


MC is probably the biggest waste of a roster spot. He has no second gear, vision, burst, reason to play football.

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2 minutes ago, Zachtomims47 said:

Def not over. But not ideal having these comments just Week 2. Changes need to happen asap. 

What comments? Hall is pissed because he gets the ball 4 times? Good. I'm glad he's pissed and he should be after running for 130 yards last game. Brown says "the protection is the protection"? So what? Overblown nonsense. 

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