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Meh - I'll take the heat - ZW wasn't bad and we can still make the playoffs

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1) I wanted the Jets to draft Justin Fields over Zach so I am not a Zach truther 

2) Since his rookie year I have given up hope he can be salvaged. I have thought he is not only the worst QB in the league - but such a detriment to the offense due to inaccuracy and skittishness he is a massive negative to a generic backup QB like a Josh Johnson

3) I still don't think he is the future no matter how long he sits behind AR - and the ability to make the playoffs will depend on the defense and run game playing more like Buffalo than Dallas. 

So all that said I still don't think Zach is good - in fact I still think he is bad - but here is why (despite having the worst stats in the league by far) I have seen large improvements


Here is what I see when I watch every throw. 

1) Making the easy throws. So far through two games he has not dirt balled screens and swing passes. 

2) No more happy feet. Outside of the one play in Buffalo - he seems to not be doing his run 20 yards backwards and spinning 5x to throw a ball out of bounds 10 seconds later - half of the out of bounds throws being at or near the side lines to potentially be intercepted. 

3) Stepping up into the pocket and being decisive on runs. Throughout the above clips he is stepping up into the pocket at the top of his drop and when they were in a two minute drive he would step up and immediately start running rather than peeling off to the sidelines or dancing around. 

4) Ball placement. 

Not the hardest throw - but still in stride - not something we saw a lot of last two years: 

Good recognition (Gilmore back to QB)/placement

His best throw

Where only Lazard can catch it down the field


5) Better footwork. He has stopped doing the off platform throw on the move when he has time. The pass to Lazard at above is a good example. Despite Parsons chasing him he twists his body and takes a hop step to reset his feet and delivers a great throw to Lazard. Previous years I felt he would try and throw on the run against his body and deliver a wobbler to be picked. 

6) More understandable interceptions. Last year his picks were due to inaccuracy, not seeing the field, or forcing something when he didn't have to. His pick to Milano last week was awful but this week was more justified.  

First one (his worst one) - we're down by three scores with less than 12 min to go. It is 2nd and 10 on our side of the ball. Parsons crushes McGovern and he peels right. The Dallas LB peels off the route from MC and intercepts a pass heading to GW (who is open). Mostly a bad decision but when Zach throws it the LB is still moving to the sidelines - and he makes a fine play on the ball. This is his worst pick and I don't crush him for trying to make a play when the game is all but over. 

Second pick -  GW has a step on Diggs and he floats what is essentially a 50/50 ball to GW and the safety. GW pulls up a bit b/c he is worried about getting clocked and the ball basically lands inbetween the safety and GW. If GW doesn't pull up he has a chance to make a play on it - don't blame him for stopping but again given the circumstances who cares - give your best player a shot. 

Third pick - When ZW throws it Michael Carter stops his route to sit in coverage. ZW throws it where he is going and its an easy pick. 

So call me an idiot - I'll probably be proven to be one - but my take on Zach has been that he has been bad and he doesn't learn/show signs of improvement. Against probably the best defense in the league I thought there were legit signs he has the ability to be a game manager for us. He got rocked all day and didn't revert back to running backwards. He took care of the ball when the game was still a game, and he showed good recognition of the D in the 2 minute drive by just running when it was available. 

Flame away. 


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I agree he was serviceable first 3 quarters. As long as we never have to make a comeback, he might be ok at best.  Because he single-handedly ruined any sort of comeback turning the ball over 3 times.  I don’t think this will change.

It’s easier to upgrade at the QB position at this point in time than it is to fix C, LG & LT.

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13 minutes ago, Columbia Jet Fan said:

Flame away. 

No flame.

Zach at his most improved yesterday was still not good enough to start at QB in the modern NFL.

And at his worst, i.e. later in the game, he was atrocious, well under 50% comp. and 3 INT's.

There is alot of blame to go around yesterday, and seeing if those units can rebound will determine if we're going to be competitive this year or not.

But it's very hard for me to see Zach producing at QB much more than his record has shown to-date through 2 years and 2 games.

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Zach is in his third year 

Maybe it's because he looks like a child with the headband 

But he's not a rookie or a child he's supposed to have stepped up way before this 

These minor praises are appropriate maybe for a rookie in his 2nd Start not a third year guy making his 24th start 

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He looked better against a good defense and it still wasn’t close to good enough. No consistent movement of the ball. 

Defenses don’t respect the threat of Wilson beating them with a big play, so everything gets squeezed up. They’re going to continue to play that way unless he shows he’ll beat the opponent with big plays because they’re being too aggressive.

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