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The Jets Offensive Line failed against the Cowboys. Cowboys Offensive line on the other hand, was much better!


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Do you want the truth as to why Breece Hall got only 4 carries yesterday?  It was because the Jets offensive line couldn't provide any holes for our running backs, that's why.  Zach didn't have time to throw the ball, and thus, we had no offense.  The Cowboys on the other hand, had an excellent offensive line yesterday.  The comparison was a stark difference.

Joe Douglas's promise 3 years ago was to fix the offensive line, and he still hasn't done it.  Duane Brown, our 38 year old left tackle, looked every bit his age yesterday.  McGovern, who no one else wanted in free agency, is still our starting center.  

Can you imagine if Rodgers was still healthy and playing yesterday.  I think he would have gotten killed back there.  The Jets would have still lost the game.

Please don't kid yourselves.  This game was unwinnable for the Jets, because the personnel on the Cowboys are better than the personnel on the Jets.  On the offensive line for sure.  

The game is won and lost in the trenches, and the NY Jets were outclassed yesterday, plain and simple.

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