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We should be 2 - 1 (with out Rodgers)

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That's what we should be right now, sure with Rodgers we probably beat KC too. All doesn't matter cause reality is that we didn't get a QB right after Sept 11, and we lost to the cowboys, a game we kept close for far longer than anyone thought we could, and guess what a no namer in AZ,  a QB off the street just beat them using far worse of a team about them with the game plan we refused to use, ground game with smart chunk plays and def. 

All that aside we just lost now while still not signing a guy off the street to the NE patriots. Marking the 3 rd loss in as many games that we should and could have won with anything other than the worse QB in football.

I am convinced we have coaching issues for sure but this roster is too damn good for us to waste it. Injuries happen Rodgers is gone and we need to stop pretending Zach can run this off.

Sign Ryan, sign wentz I don't care. Whoever cause they are at least capable of not going three and out 10 times a game.

Joe Douglas needs to make the move. It's not just a QB or coaching issue if he lets it continue.

You can convince me maybe coaching said they could over come, just give us NE game to prove it. Well Zach and Saleh proved we need another QB

We are 2-1 with any other QB. We should be 2-1.

Do not let us go into the next game with Zach as our qb

**Def looked great three chances at the end to win and we took a crap on off. At some point they stop going to play hard



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