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Do we win another divisional game this year?


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2 hours ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

We're 1-1 against our division.  I think there's an excellent chance we lose the rest of our divisional games.  Buffalo is going to beat us in Buffalo.  The Pats will take care of us in New England.  And assuming the Dolphins are healthy, I think they sweep us this year.

Do we win ANOTHER game this season?

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1 hour ago, Joe W. Namath said:

The better question is will we win another game?  Forget the division.  I dont see a win on the schedule unless there is a drastic change at the qb position.

I agree. The only games we will have a chance in is HOU ATL and maybe WSH? Every other game will be a L including NYG

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Hard to see wins vs. Buffalo in Buffalo, or against the Miami Offensive Juggernaut (in Tua stays healthy).

I could see a squeaker win against NE, especially if we bench Zach Wilson beforehand.  

But no, likely we're looking at another 1-5 type year in Division, and a 4-6, maybe max of 7, with a ton of luck (like last year) win overall season, as things stand now.

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