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Robert Saleh Wednesday Press Conference at 11:35 am

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Must see TV

Do you think he will stand up to Namath?

How will he spin the Siemian signing?

Why is Aaron Rodgers calling out players for sideline antics 3000 miles away instead of him?

Will he address “locker room noise” that Cimini is reporting?

Will he discuss what he was texting to Joe Beningo for an hour after the game? 


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If it is the case that i would be forced to play with Zach Wilson - pleading JD for help to stop the locker room from imploding and he throws semen at me - i would be gone by yesterday - for my reputation as a HC 
If Rodgers doesnt work out next year and i'm more and more convinced that it won't he is a cheerleader in some highshool in 2025 but not in the NFL

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