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Trevor Siemian and the Curse of the NY Jets


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We've been waiting for 3 weeks (some may argue 3 months) for the Jets to make a move and bring in a vet and in typical Jet fashion the NY God Damn Jets bring in Trevor Siemian ???

The Jets have once again become or extended their lease on the SAME OLD JETS Narrative.

I'm honestly sick and tired of this sh*t. 

Some wanted Matt Ryan ... Bad call IMHO he's now a Flacco like Tree . Still better than Zach or Siemian but not the right guy 

Some Including myself wanted Carson Wentz a guy you can get at 30 years old in a situation that actually helps both Parties .... It puts Wentz on a prove it deal to re-invent his career and it gives the Jets at the very least a competent QB who could very well have some upside . You know Wentz is going to lead scoring drives and all you really have to do is get him to play smart or even a bit conservative when you have the lead. 

Sunday could very well be a total Debacle or it could be even worse ....Worse meaning the Jets win and Zach plays a decent game and the Jets, like we all know they will, anoint him the starter next week and maybe even the week after that. 

Look at our history .

Joe Namath -- Great player but Knees ripped to shreds and his career severely limited 

Richard Todd -- Complete Meltdown in the Mud Bowl 

Ken Obrien -- Shows amazing promise --Blows out his arm and was never the same.

Ten Year gap of total crap Then >.....

Vinny Testaverde -- Brings a 98 team to the brink of a SB goes into the next season as SB favorites and blows out his Achillies On the first series .

Chad Pennington -- Gets his shot and lights a fire under this team looks like he may be the guy and In the following pre season crushes his hand and then blows out his arm multiple times.

Mark Sanchez -- never really pans out ..has talent just cant get it done.

Sam Darnold -- Showed a little promise early then quickly spiraled out of control.

Zach Wilson -- Horrible from day one has yet to put together one really good complete game of football and is historically bad.

Mike White --  comes in and in the games he starts the jets are the number one passing offense in the NFL during that span and Mike gets 5 ribs broken on a viscious hit. Then instead of signing him as the back up (which he deserved) the Jets let him go to Miami. 

Aaron Rodgers -- The savior !!!! except in game one we have Vinny, the guy who blew out his Achillies 24 or so years before on a previous SB favorite team is honorary captain and once again on the first series Rodgers blows out his Achillies . You really can't make this sh*t up

Is there such a thing as a curse ?? We make the curse of the Bambino look like Childs play and I'm not sure any team has had to endure this type of bad luck and I didn't even mention the rash of Injuries the 86 team had to deal with in a 2 week period following a 10-1 start losing about 6 starters  and losing the last 5 games of the season . Then we had Cleveland dead to rights in the playoffs and Mark Gastineau ,,,, Well you know what happened there.

Are we just Doomed ? I'm sure Some can add to this list of Misfortune but I'm pretty sure any sports franchise would be hard pressed to match it.




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