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Woody Johnson is 76

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as much as I cringe whenever I see any Johnson, I can not believe he is the sole reason JETS sucked all these years.

Money Makes the World Go Round

There is a lot of stories why both BB and BP left, this that and the other thing but I believe they both left because the received way more money than the Jets were willing to pay...offers they could not refuse.  It makes for good biographies to say they hated Woody, Jets, wanted control blah blah blah but in reality my bet is it all came down to the number of 0's.  BB and BP dont want to come out and say they were offered more money and sound too greedy especially when they all come in and say "It is my mission to get the Jets to Superbowl" but leave out the fine print that says "It is my mission to get the Jets to superbowl unless somebody else gives me more money to get them to a superbowl".  Now I know this has been discussed ad nausium in stories, books, here, whatever and they all blame Woody/Jets/Market etc, etc,  But when you get to that level you dont want your legacy to be defined by greed. In BB case he didnt say anything but he is just a scumbag.

Now Woody does have some blame here in being a meddler, his asinine organization structure, and plain ignorance but many would put up with all that given enough 0's.  Now maybe he is cheap? I dunno but there is always going to be someone else who can come up with more 0's but it may well be the case.

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