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The Late Flag Against Sauce

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6 minutes ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

In no way am I excusing the refs but is there any chance the ref waited to throw the flag because the ball was in the air and the ref didn't want to interfere with it being caught (by whoever)?


The issue with the play is the ref should know the situation and there’s no reason to step in and give the Chiefs a first down save Sauce tackling the receiver. 

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Defensive holding being an automatic first down is just a tough pill to swallow.

I understand that if you removed the automatic first down, defensive backs would be tackling receivers any time they’re beat or out of position - but it’s still pretty painful to see it happen so regularly.

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Sauce has been playing with his hands on WR's his entire NFL career as long as he does not misdirect the WR he is allowed to do that by NFL rule. Also Scantling ran directly into Sauce looking to create a foul and get the call that's why that pass was so far off the mark. They were doing nothing in the passing game for most of the game I would not put it past Reid to call a play designed to get a call just like that. Makes sense why Scantling ran directly into Sauce who pushed him off

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