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Props to our best Kicker/Punter combo ever?


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2 hours ago, JoeNamathsFurCoat said:

Morstead is a difference maker.

He also kept them in the game vs NE with that ridiculous bomb of a free kick at the end.

Is it me or are free kicks all going for more yards now?

These guys are so strong. You used to get that ball at midfield. Now you see guys fielding them inside the 20.

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3 hours ago, JETS SB said:

This combination of Zuerlein/Morstead might end up being our best kicker/punter combination ever. We have lived through so many bad kickers and punters, but seems like these two are special. 

I was always a fan of Pat Leahy, but all the years he was here, our punting was average at best. Greg Jennings was on the downside of his career, when he came here. We have had some other decent kickers, but GZ is not only accurate, he can kick 50+ yard FGs, which even Leahy, didn’t do often, and it just seems easy for him. He doinked a FG last week, but otherwise has been ridiculous.

Morstead put us in position for 2 safeties, these past two weeks, with brilliant punts.  

I have always been jealous of other teams and how they find these great kickers/punters and we just suck at both. Probably the most underrated part of our team right now. The defense is special but our kicking game might be our best ever. 

Maybe the reason our punting was so bad was because we signed a former Packers' WR to do that job?

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