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Get up - Interesting take on Jets vs Broncos


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11 minutes ago, BigRy56 said:

Great insight into how they’ve rebuilt the offense for Zach after the Rodgers injury. Couple that with how the defense has been adjusting and shutting down opponents as the games have gone on and you gotta feel pretty good about the Jets coaching staff right now. Let’s hope it continues 

Yeah I've been down on the CS.  This video showed the glass half full side of things and it was refreshing.

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4 hours ago, jetsons said:

Watch 5 minutes & you’ll get the gist.

I watched the entire thing and yeah, if I stopped watching after 5 minutes, I would be much more enthusiastic about the Jets vs upcoming opponents. 

However, the Jets beat a dysfunctional team. 

I didn't get anything positive out of this. It sounded like they were really going out of their way not to sh*t on Zach, but they didn't have a problem sh*tting on Russell (which was on point). 

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6 hours ago, Larz said:

Saw this. The disconnect between nfl observers and the haters and babies here is pretty stark. 

reading this board the coaches suck, the defense gets gashed and Zach is the devil 

The posters on this board are way smarter and know more about football than any one on that, or any other show.

Just ask them..... They will tell you......LOL

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