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Breece Hall … A Pretty Good Start …


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2 hours ago, jetsons said:

Hopefully he can Stay Healthy & build off what he has started in his young career & be a Jet For Life …


Better than BO. Wow.

To bad this isn't Tecmo Bowl. We could just hand it to Breece every play and win it all!

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1 hour ago, Greg555 said:

Eagles will stack the box of course..with eyes on him to shut him down. Gonna need to use him creatively and also have Zach bootleg off of fakes to him.

Stack the box against Zach 2.0. I dare you.

Just kidding, I totally don't dare you.

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51 minutes ago, Darnold Schwarzenegger said:

He’s also 6th in the league in rushing yards while on a pitch count. 7.2 yards per carry this year. 


achane rocking a ridiculous 12 yards a carry

Achane is totally insane… But he’s also in a juggernaut offense where Tyreek, Waddle etc can all score on any play too.

Breece averaging 7.2 with Zach at QB… It’s almost astounding.

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