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DJ Reed Ruled Out Again

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4 minutes ago, Darnold's Forehead said:

Back your sh!t up please.

Based on the eye test he hasn’t been that good.


This is when I’d like to see Saleh alter stuff. Have Sauce follow Brown and Carter follow Smith. But you’re 2 best cover guys against their best WRs.

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21 hours ago, Beerfish said:

Devonta Smith is licking his chops.


Whys that - because he saw the last time Echols and DJ were out Jeudy and Sutton combined for 7 catches and 63 yards?

Eagles WR and Hurts are obviously a tougher challenge esp with their OL but lets hope Sauce can handle AJ 1-1 and the rest of secondary can play good team defense. 

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2 minutes ago, rangerous said:

I almost have to think saleh has already figured this game for a loss and is holding back players who actually could start if necessary.  The only trouble I see with this reasoning is that the jets have been pretty bad coming off the break.  Salehs teams are no exception.

If anything it's the opposite.

Reed was cleared and returned to practice, Sauce was fine...

But news broke that Darius Slave and Jalen Carter were out - so the Jets didn't want to win with an advantage...

Starting practice squad CB's would at least keep the game competitive.

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