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Game Observations (PHI)


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Just now, mphtrilogy said:

that trade got the Tenn GM fired, how do they let him walk.  He and Henry would have kept them cooking with vrabel  

Unbelievably stupid. You have a homegrown, potentially hall of fame talent at a premium position. You don’t let those guys go. 

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11 hours ago, jetswin said:

Nice recap, I can't say how impressed I am by the play of these backups in the D backfield.  Craig James played very well imo, and Bryce Hall, who some here were ready to run out of town not too long ago, has been terrific while professionally waiting his chance to get back on the field.  Guys like that should be embraced not chased off.

Well said!

KRL, great post as always, a few things to counter some of your points:

I would be "giddy" but with the bye-week coming up I'm reminded of last year's win
over BUF.  That too was unexpected and the Jets headed into the bye at 6-3 with the
division and playoff spot in their sights.  We all know what happened as the team
collapsed and finished 1-7 to end the season. 

I hear you on this, but this is a different Jets team this year:
- He still has a long way to go but the last 3 weeks, Zach Wilson has made a major turn in his career, he's growing up right in front of us, he never did the things last year that he has done the last 3 weeks, a positive sign

- Defense is even better, deeper

- OL is better, hate losing AVT, but Becton is having a comeback year

- Hall is healthy, our RB's and TE's are better

- The Rodgers factor along with Hackett and the offensive coaching staff have done wonders for Zach, and they will continue to settle into this new offense. Everybody forgets this is a new offensive system, it takes teams several weeks to get running on all cylinders, and I think the bye to get some guys banged up back comes at a good time.

On another note, that crack block penalty I thought was egregarious. Lazard almost had his back to him when the hit was made, and the player was running almost toward him to make the tackle, I thought it was an extremely bad call that reeked of the refs pulling some of the same sh*t they did in the KC game.


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