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Jets Turned Down Picking Up Disability Insurance On AR


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The Jets are paying the price for Aaron Rodgers’ injury — literally.

The team opted not to take out a disability insurance policy for Rodgers prior to the season, turning down multiple offers, according to Sportico.

The decision cost the team millions, per the outlet, as Rodgers tore his Achilles just four plays into his season debut during the Jets’ Week 1 “Monday Night Football ” win over the Bills, likely sidelining him for the rest of the season.

Rodgers, 39, and the Jets reworked his contract this past offseason, agreeing to a new two-year, fully guaranteed $75 million deal.

These types of insurance premiums, called temporary total disability policies, reimburse significant portions of players’ guaranteed salaries if they suffer injuries that compromise the players’ ability to play the rest of the season.

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Just now, nj meadowlands said:

are you ok

People act as if the errors that companies make are just financial loses to that company.   This is akin to Kramer and his 'it's a write off' mentality

If Woody loses money on an error he makes up for it in other areas like the ones I listed.  Media, merchandise, game day stuff, maybe even ticket prices.

If a Bank screws up on a risky investment strat and loses a pile of money the customer make up for it sooner or later.


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31 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

Maybe Joe Namath can help out with a sweet deal on a Medicare supplement plan? 

Joe looks pretty good for 80.


Who knows? **** the TB12 stuff, I want the JN12 protocol... drink scotch while bangin' women like Raquel Welsh and Ann-Margret until you're 40.... sign me up!


Oh, sh*t. I'm 52. Too late... 😔 

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