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1 Jets Drive - Episode 8


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1 hour ago, Edgy said:

Looks like they went out of their way to show exactly how the refs messed up, without explicitly saying a thing about it.  

Saleh was a good soldier and did not complain the first 2 years like the NFL wants.   And it got him nothing.

I wonder if the NFL has noticed the Jets have had enough.

The Jets are putting shots across the leagues bow and it might get real soon lol.  

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All you hear and see is Bryce Huff and Quincy Williams both continuing to excel on defense. Huff is all over the field on every play and MUST BE RESIGNED. What Quincy has become is truly mind boggling and I am so glad he is signed and ours for a few more years.

If this offense can ever figure out how to score TD's, this team will be very tough to beat, regardless of opponent. Imagine, had we pulled out the KC game, we would have beaten both SB teams from last season and both SB favorites for this season. Impressive.

Now go out tomorrow and take care of business. Do not go SOJ against a Giants team that basically stinks.


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30 minutes ago, bitonti said:

I watched that entire 40 minute 1 JD episode, and was at that game in person 

and I still don't know how they won that game 


I totally agree. I never thought we could win by kicking fg's against that team, but that is exactly what happened basically. I think Jalen Hurts would love to have that game back, he was awful in the 2H.

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