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Tigers: only remaining AL undefeated


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Say what you want about playing the Royals, but 3 wins are 3 wins, especially given the rocky history of the Tigers since 1993. Sure after sweeping the Royals I'm not pulling out the red carpt yet either, but look beyond the team played and look at the Tigers performance. They just set a MLB record for HRs in a 3 game period. Their offense, a make or break part of their game, is apparently working on all cylinders vs its usuall slow start. Their defense is playing good and their starting pitching has 3 straight quality starts with wins.

I am by no means ready to pronounce them out of the woods, and they may very well come back to Earth, but for now I'll take it. I want a winning season, period. ANything after that is gravy. IF they can maintain this pace, they'll compete for a WC, 'maybe' the division if CHI or CLE slides.

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