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Allen Lazard will play tonight


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I think, for the sake of Garrett Wilson, this is very good news. Sure, the young guys deserve a chance, but we have a chance at the playoffs, and if Lazard is out, GW is getting double covered every play. He is taken out of the game. We cannot afford that. Not tonight. Lazard might not be great, but having Cobb or a rookie as our #2, could be a disaster for GW making any impact in tonights game.

I am pretty sure that I saw a stat that said, other than Garrett Wilson and Allen Lazard, Jets WR's have 5 receptions all season. 


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1 hour ago, mrcoops said:

I actually hope that Lazard was playing hurt last night, because that might go some way to explaining how terrible he was.

I was going to post the same thing.  If Lazard is truly this bad then our WR corps is basically a complete nothing behind GW.  And once other teams know that, they can just take GW away and we're left with zilch.  Sadly, even Conklin has regressed.  We have 2 superstars on offense but they're both badly held back by the rest of this offense (GW by lack of WR depth and Breece by both our OL and the fact that our passing game is horrid).  

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