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Why Are We Even Upset?


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21 minutes ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

I've heard this as well.  And I'm sure the don't want to throw Boyle out there because he flat-out stinks.

Yeah, Boyle’s whole job is to perform at a level that doesn’t threaten Zach or lead to another locker room revolt. Not a bad way to earn a few mil.

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11 hours ago, JiF said:

Yeah, this, most of us saw this coming even though many chose to ignore the truth but the reason it's frustrating is because Josh Dobbs just joined the Vikings for peanuts and in 4 days of prep, was responsible for as many TD's in 1 game as the Jets offense (Breece Hall) have scored in the past 17 quarters of Football.

Yeah, but, let's be fair now.  The opposing team also didn't have any film on Dobbs in a Viking Uniform.

He had weapons, even though Jefferson was out.  

Does it really matter if he didn't even know what the cadence was, or any of the plays?

That's not a fair comparison.  Wilson was kind thrown in the deep end when Rodgers went down a few weeks ago.  He kinda had a new center, and stuff.

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Entering Monday night this was a 4-3 team in name only. More like 2-5 after the miracle Giants win and semi miracle Philly win. Not to mention a fluky walk off win week 1. 
Jets were clearly a very flawed team entering the season. Rodgers going down exposed that fatal flaw. A house-of-cards offense with him. Once his card was pulled the whole operation collapsed.
Joe D & Saleh set up this team to fail if Rodgers got hurt. Why be surprised or upset it played out that way Monday night and the season so far. 

I’m upset, because, like
Last year, with competent QB play this team can get in and eve win a game in the playoffs.
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2 hours ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

The decimated OL and having only 1 legitimate WR on the roster makes it difficult to throw.  And if you can't throw, it makes it much easier for the opponent to take away the run.

Bill Parcells used to say that if you have 1 pass rusher then you have no pass rushers (because the opponent can scheme to take away the good one).  It's basically the same thing as Saleh's "pressure bursts pipes" comment.  Our WR corps behind GW has to be among the very worst in the NFL.  And our OL seems to be decimated by injury every year.

right, I don't really disagree that there isn't a lot going on besides Wilson and Hall on offense. The oline thing is bad luck maybe? Lots of teams get rocked by injuries at that position. I don't think that either of those things would disqualify an offense from being at least below average if not for the supremely awful qb play. 


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1 hour ago, Augustiniak said:

Same reason they continue to play cook.  Money

= Woody.  He pays but then demands those guys are on the field because he’s too cheap to let the GM admit a mistake and move on.  I never used to buy into the the Woody  conspiracy theories but JD & Saleh aren’t that dumb 

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On 11/8/2023 at 10:16 AM, T0mShane said:

It’s because they had multiple opportunities to avoid this fate by simply signing or trading for a median backup QB to pair with this elite defense and they refused

Valid point. 

But do you think that’s all that ailed this historically wretched offense? Might not Hackett, the o-line and WR corps be enormous problems, too? Major off-season question marks that should have been addressed long ago just like back-up QB?  

I’m guessing even the best back-up QB available this offseason or before the trade deadline would have struggled mightily. In this nightmarish offensive situation. Including  most back-up QBs suck. Some not as much as Zach, certainly. But they all suck that’s why they’re back ups. 

But your point stands. Fireable offense by Saleh & Joe D installing Zach as their No. 2 instead of their No. 3. Not that I want them fired but it’s fireable. 

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19 hours ago, T0mShane said:

Yeah, Boyle’s whole job is to perform at a level that doesn’t threaten Zach or lead to another locker room revolt. Not a bad way to earn a few mil.

You do realize he’s the third string QB, right ? Not everything is a conspiracy bro. 

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