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If this offense was even JUST average week in and week out, this is a Superbowl contending team hands down. Just unreal. The defense and special teams are SB caliber. 
The offense balances it out .. the TEAM is not good.

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1 minute ago, Alentador31 said:

Zack is trash yall. It's is long overdue to move on. 


But you know you are only feeding the trolls here by speaking the truth

It’s not working out 

This is the definition of insanity 

He throws a no-look pass and follows it up with one of the ugliest INTs you will see

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1 minute ago, Bleedin Green said:

The idea that 12 points on offense and a game-losing INT are considered to not be bad for Wilson actually speaks volumes to how horrifically awful he is.

Apparently he's so completely useless that it's considered a positive when he just has a regular everyday kind of bad game, and not an all-time record-setting level of incompetence.

He also scores a td if he is aware of bounds line. But he is allergic to the endzone even when it’s a gimmy.

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