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Has This Ever Happened Before ?


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39 minutes ago, Smashmouth said:

Putting aside the debate on how bad he actually is, or isn't, has there ever been an NFL team that started a 3 year 32nd ranked QB in NFL history ?

I'm not sure I remember anything quite like this. I know Zach is considered the back up but our starter was presumed out for the season and many serviceable QB's were available. Are we yet again in a class by ourselves ?

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19 minutes ago, Anthony Jet said:

I was on board with Zach being QB2, in hind sight it was a terrible idea becuase he’s probably bottom of the pack of QB 2s, but he wasn’t supposed to be QB1 this year 

most people thought after his horrific 2nd half of yr, he definitely shouldn’t be qb2. That he would be lucky to have a spot as qb3.

Now I don’t think there is  a team in NFL who would even bring Zach on as qb3 now. It would be an automatic loss if Zach played for them. Considering most teams don’t have a dominant D, it’s unheard for teams to only expect a qb to get their O in a few FGs. That orchestrating a actual td drive in very rare for zach Wilson.

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2 minutes ago, JoeNamathsFurCoat said:

CJ Stroud’s only legit weapon is a 5’8” 160 lb slot WR, who had to miss multiple games with a concussion.

He started the season with 5 injured offensive linemen.

His 2nd best WR Nico Collins missed today’s game and he still beat the Bengals.


Its all about the QB because its all about holding the ball for 3.55 seconds . In the games I mentioned I watched today in and earlier post, Geno and Howell were getting the ball out in 2 seconds WITH PRESSURE so what happens when you hold the ball for close to 4 ? You turn into Zach Wilson

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33 minutes ago, Asymmetrical said:

It gets boring to keep repeating it but it really is.... difficult to understand why they didn't keep White or go get Brissett or do one of another half dozen perfectly feasible things they could have done to avoid this. Just deeply weird

that was White. would you resign with a team who for 2 years kept putting a QB who you and everybody else knew was not as good as you? 

you know if White was here he would be QB3 .

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