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Deshaun Watsons Season is Over


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Sounds sketchy. He temporarily left the game against the Ravens with an ankle injury. He’s been dealing with a shoulder injury for most of the year. They’re telling us he played with a broken bone in his throwing shoulder? There are like just a few bones that connect there. Wouldn’t they have known it was broken?

Something else is up. Feel bad for their fans. What a mess of a trade.

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1 hour ago, Joe W. Namath said:

People waaaaaaaaaaaaaay overreacting to this.  Hes a young, franchise qb they have locked up for the next 3 years.  Good for Cleveland.  They are not whining about it.  They are happy about it.  We have to wait till cole pennington graduates to fix our qb issue.



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1 hour ago, Wit said:

Wow, missing time in this league is a killer. Self inflicted but still so bad. Browns still have a competent backup and amazing defense…..what a concept.

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They have lost their right tackle (ACL), #1 Running Back (Horrible knee) and starting massage molester for the season.

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