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TE Kenny Yeboah Returns To Practice. Jets Bring Back DL Tanzel Smart and Cut CB Craig James


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4 hours ago, jetsrule128 said:

TE Kenny Yeboah has returned to practice.

Practice squad move: We've signed DL Tanzel Smart and released DB Craig James.

I wonder if this can mean that Uzomah is on the hot seat?  They must like Yeboah and probably Kuntz too.   I think they can cut Uzomah this offseason, so a few weeks of dead money for the message should be no big deal

4 hours ago, mrcoops said:

He did. It's a weird one.

Solid player who stepped up when needed. There are inferior players still hanging around on the PS.

He has already been elevated a couple of times.  I think the limit is three.  He was on the street earlier in the year and not in danger of being poached.  I think Malik Taylor, Tanzel Smart and Xavier Newman are in a similar boat.  Newman is a starting guard right now, so he may end up with Carter's spot on the roster to be able to play this week.

2 hours ago, joewilly12 said:

We are thin at RB 

Really?  We have Hall and Cook both dying for more opportunities and have Abanikanda ready to run.  How many fully healthy backs does a team need?  They also have Xazavian Valladay a priority UDFA type with the Texans on the practice squad all season.

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