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The Jets/Jets Fans Are Being Held Hostage By Aaron Rodgers


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19 hours ago, DoubleDown said:

So much hysteria.

JD went all in on Rodgers and rolled snake eyes. It happens. I'd rather have a GM who swings for the fences than plays it safe.

The Jets have a GM and HC. They may not be very good, but this "Rodgers is in charge" notion is nonsense.

In all likelihood, Rodgers comes back next year, has a decent season, and the Jets make some noise. RELAX.

I'd rather have a home run hitter who gets base hits.  

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On 11/17/2023 at 1:35 AM, GangGreened said:

I honestly feel this way also and I can’t figure out why. Maybe once he actually plays a whole series it will go away.

It’s a typical pattern in the history of this franchise. Put all the eggs in the basket of a Veteran Qb only to get royally burned.  We did this with Vinny, he killed it for us in 1998, got a contract, got injured and was never the same.  Same thing happened with Chad just a couple years later and then with Fitz but on a lower level 


We need to draft a qb in round 1 next May

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On 11/16/2023 at 1:17 PM, T0mShane said:

It sucks now, but the Jets will go into next season with Rodgers, Davante Adams, a tackle they draft at 12, and they’ll be in the top five favorites to win the Super Bowl. They better ensure they have a viable backup QB next year, however 

You forgot to mention Salehs great leadership and coaching abilities will be right there with Rodger’s. Without Saleh, next season will be lost. It would be like having bangers without mash.

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