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That should be enough to fire everyone

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26 minutes ago, Joe Jets fan said:

No?    Team is an embarrassment ?   

feels like every other year?



so tell us why do they deserve to keep there jobs?  Please tell us????

Zip is the worst QB in the league and they are playing a 3rd string o line.  Getting 4 wins with this deserves coach of the year consideration. 

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It should! They completely messed this up. OC and HC are clueless. GM drafted a few good players- but I probably could’ve too with that many chances that early. 

Tjat said the balance of his picks sucked. Every free agent has been an absolute bust. Epic fail by all!.

it should be over- but it’s probably not because of their ancient dinosaur of an excuse who will of course fall flat on his old and hallucinogenic ass next year- and the entire process will be slowed down by a year more than any sane person should’ve let it.

Ahhhh- great to root for the absolute worst franchise in all of pro sports! 

Love it! 🤣

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Saleh is very close to losing this locker room.

The defense is deflated by a completely inept offense.

The players-only meeting really did a lot of good. Lazard still has stone hands, Zach still can't read a defense, Garrett still can't hold onto the football, the offensive line still can't get any push, and the offense still can't score a TD (minus one flukey drive with a fake punt and roughing the passer penalty).

At least the penalties weren't that bad today? Yay.

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3 minutes ago, Jimmy 2 Times said:

I hope he comes back and tears it again.

That way they can find a long term solution instead of Ground hogging 2024. 


Lol. He will have 3 times the time to rehab it. I hope he comes back and shows how bad Zach was, and actually scores tds. Then fire Joe Douglas. For not going with a qb who could bridge the gap for rodgers comeback.

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